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Combichrist is an aggrotech band formed by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua, who emigrated to the US a few years after the band’s conception.

LaPlegua has a predilection for electronic body music (EBM), although aggrotech has a much more layered and complex sound than EBM. Both the metal masses and aggrotech/EBM scene have embraced the Combichrist concept.

Managed by DevilDriver figurehead Dez Fafara, they’ve been on tour with the likes of Rammstein so they’re used to performing in front of huge crowds.

Combichrist’s live set comprises tracks from each of their albums; Expect a blend of guitars, electronica, obliterating drums, the hypnotic stage presence of singer/founder Andy LaPlegua and a dark and brooding atmosphere.

Lieu : Zik-Zak

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