(REPORTÉ) The Courettes + Deadline

22 janvier à 20 h 00


“The real deal. The most authentic 60’s inspired garage rock since Thee Milkshakes were around”. Lee Cotterell (Vive Le Rock, UK)

WHAAAAUW! The Courettes is the garage duo sensation from Brazil and Denmark! It’s savage! It’s dynamic!


Cable snakes, lo-fi mikes and fetishized guitars, Deadline’s influences mix and mingle inside their metallic mess.

Formed in 2013 in the Black Country (aka Charleroi, Belgium), the trio first sharpened their strings on saturated punk riffs, before an encounter with the devil around a certain Mississippi crossroads. Now dedicated to a rock’n’roll obsessed with its legacy, the three musicians will tell you; they are haunted by the ghosts of the blues, deep in their most primitive instincts.

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